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If you would like to join.
Just message this account with the Character you would like and your personal tumblr.

We don't mind too much about writing style, this is more about having fun. <3

Anonymous said: do you take girl ocs?

We do, I know there are a few OC’s running around. Girl OC’s, Guy OC’s. We just like the company really!! <3

For OC’s though, you’ll need to submit a brief outline of your character so that we know what they’re all about.

thedoctorsfamily said: Its up and running.... <3


thedoctorsfamily said: Im interested in playing David from Dalton??? I believe that spot is still open. The blog would be

Feel free to make the account. <3 and let us know when it is up. <3

tardisnextstopanywhere said: Hi I'm interested in playing mercedes. Is that spot still open?
By the way I am the friend that mari was talking about. :D
When she and I make the account.

We would love to have you!!!

Go ahead and make the account and send us the link. Thanks. =D

slenderqueer said: being a total noob, with no idea how rp's work: so i need to make a rp account for a character, correct? and then I..................
i'd love to be drew though.

Well, we’re pretty helpful with that. Some of us like to go and introduce ourselves, but straight away as soon as the account has been made, make sure your ask box is turned on because there is a TinyChat that we’re pretty much always in. Heaps of people can help you out and it’s heaps of fun. When you’ve made the account, let me know!! <3

theragingfury-deactivated201106 said: I just made a tumblr today and I've only made roleplay accounts. Don't really plan on using tumblr for anything else lol.
I can send you a sample para of you'd like :)

Oh wow. And you’re with no other RP?

We would love to have you, don’t worry about the sample, I’m sure you’re fine!!! Thank you!


Hi guys! We’re looking for a Dave Karofsky for our RP.

We would really, really appreciate it if you let us know that you’re interested. We would love to have you on board.

Of course, if you don’t think Dave is right for you, there is a whole bunch of other characters available and we can’t wait to get to know you and RP with you.


cheerioscoachsuesylvester-deact said: The one Sue Sylvester here.

Heyyy Sue!

feit-the-good-fight-12397 said: May I Make Finn?

Of course sweetheart. <3